Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Branding and Personal Selling

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Fares Al Khouli

Fares Al Khouli

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Personal Branding and Personal Selling

When it comes to building your business, you will find that there are many components that factor into how it turns out. Branding and sales, however, are two cornerstones that will define your business. There are ways to go about the branding and sales of your business. The topic at hand today though? Personal branding and personal selling. To elaborate on that, personal selling refers to when businesses use sales representatives to sell their products and personal branding is the process of creating your public persona towards your audience. It is important to realize that there are both pros and cons that come with both these approaches. For that reason, the goal of this post is to give you a general understanding of these advantages and disadvantages that come with them.

Personal Branding

An important idea to understand in this whole situation is that it is always good to be able to show the human side of your business. This is simply because humans relate to other humans, and that is a big factor in helping you build trust between your company and its customers. Trust and credibility are two of the biggest advantages that can come from a well-executed personal brand. Also, it’s important to realize that your personal brand will exist whether you like it or not. It will be built based on the type of content you provide. That’s all you need to know to show you why its very necessary for you to intend on building it the right way. The way you want your audience to see you. As long as you control the narrative, inconveniences can be kept to a minimum.


If the goal is to earn trust and credibility, you have to simply be real. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Accept your strengths and weaknesses and admit to having them. The more human you appear to be, the stronger the connection will be. From the technical standpoint, having your own website would be a great way to build your own personal brand. It allows you to be present online and gives you a platform to communicate with your audience whether through blog posts or other aspects. The more informative and beneficial your content is, the more your credibility will grow.


There is a possibility that personal branding may go south, however. That’s something you must be wary of. In personal branding, getting a bad reputation or having a significant misstep is not something that can easily be dealt with. It’s something that will probably stick with you for a long time. Something that will take calculated actions to get rid of. The best counter to that? Try your best to stay out of these situations. Another thing worth mentioning is that there comes a point where that connection you build with your customers may somewhat hurt you. This happens if you’re trying to scale your business. Once your customers get accustomed to having direct contact with you, change will not sit well with them. That’s just something that comes with the territory.

Personal Selling

In terms of connection and trust with your customers, it doesn’t get any better than personal selling. There is so much to gain from two-way communication. It is mainly a great way to focus on your customers personal needs as it gives them a chance to fully express what they are happy with and what they want to see change. It also allows for instant feedback which is a plus for you. At the end of the day, it is also a great form of marketing based on the fact that adjustments can be made on the fly in order to persuade the customer.


There are a couple of disadvantages that may be linked to personal selling. Firstly, it can prove to be really expensive. Between the salary of the sales representatives, the resources spent to train these representatives, and the commission and bonuses they earn, expenses may be a little higher than your liking. Personal selling is also somewhat limited in terms of the number of customers it can reach and how quickly it can reach them. That is especially true if you are reliant on it exclusively.

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