Finding those golden keywords that will get you to the top of your SEO game

Taking your SEO game to the next level

Ever wondered what it’s going to take to start finding your businesses regularly through search engines? If so, you’re in the right place! Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential element in any marketing strategy. There is a real art to driving traffic to your websites and mastering the use of keywords may be on the top of the list of things you need to do. What are keywords you ask? Keywords are the words or phrases available in your content that make it possible for people to find you through search engines. Choosing the correct keywords however is no walk in the park. Its all about finding those golden keywords that will help take your SEO game to the next level, and this is where we come in.


To start off, it is essential that you identify your audience. Know who it is that you are addressing, and you will be better positioned to convey your message. Why is that? Well to begin with, you can put yourself in your customers shoes! Ask yourself what you would search for if you were looking for that product or service. Whatever comes to mind, that’s a good place to start. To add on to that, you can go ahead and do some digging up on your biggest competitors. It is always helpful to get a good feel on where the competition is at. Read their blogs, go through their content, even take a look at their meta-descriptions if necessary. Anything that helps you locate those keywords, do it!

Different types of keywords?

Now that you’ve gotten yourself familiar with the process of keywords, it’s a good time to look deeper into the science of it. It’s important to realize that not all keywords are created equal. Different types of keywords generate different amounts of traffic, but there’s also a different level of competition associated with keywords. An important concept to understand in this situation is the head and long-tail keyword concept. The main difference between head and long-tail keywords is that head keywords usually range from one singular word to a short phrase, while long-tail keywords are usually longer phrases. Additionally, head keywords are known to be more effective in the long run, as they are normally associated with a higher traffic and a higher competition. On the other hand, long-tail keywords would be the way to go if you were seeking short-term faster results. That’s because despite long-tail keywords having a lower traffic, they also deal with less competition. The key in this situation? Find a suitable blend of both head and long-tail keywords that best fits your strategy.


At this stage, there are some handy tools that may really benefit you. Now that you know the difference between keywords and what to choose based on your personal strategy, it could be helpful to check out a keyword generator. Keyword generators are tools that generate keyword suggestions based on your topic, industry, and even the country you’re in. It can be largely beneficial to use these tools as they not only provide you with keyword suggestions, but also the traffic, competition, and cost per click for each keyword. Having this information at your disposal, with that ease and without any expenses is an amazing luxury to have. It will definitely help take your SEO game to the next level.

Monitoring Keywords

This is not the end, however. Your job is not complete once you have your keywords. It is necessary to make a concerted effort to use these words as frequently as possible. Whether in blog posts, on your website or in meta descriptions, the more you use these keywords the easier it will be for your audience to find you. As time goes by, it is also essential that you keep an eye on the results. As you observe and analyze, it is likely that you may catch on to key trends that may be useful to you. Another way to get caught up is by using Google Trends. Google Trends is a tool that illustrates how your search query’s popularity has changed over a significant time period. It is important in any business that you be adaptable. Following these trends will let you know when these keywords are working for you, and when its time for a change.

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